Wednesday, March 23, 2011

blogs, tweets, status updates...oh my

I had a dream....
That I could resist marrying myself (sans prenup) to the web: to actually maintain some semblance of anonymity with regards to social networking.

Alas, I have given in.
I now am, officially, on twitter.

Maybe its the innate desire to assign some importance to my daily life- real or imagined. Possibly its my final desperate attempt to remain connected, somehow, to the world that is so much greater than myself- and wider than the tiny insulated bubble I call my life here in Rome. Maybe I just want to feel loved.

Anyway- Let's hope I don't get myself into too much trouble!


Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog, do you think you'll ever get married?

Morgan Witkin said...

To Anonymous: Thank you! And yes, I'm sure it will happen someday! x