Monday, September 21, 2009

Censored Elephants

I'm Back! I apologize for the radio silence, as I feel like an absent mother...

After nearly a month in China, two missed flights and countless stamps in my passport, I am back in Barcelona and ready to face year 2 of my MBA.

Unfortunately, China being the Communist country that it is, I immediately came to the sad realization that my beloved blog is blocked. As to why "I Bet Elephants Taste Like Mushrooms" is banned, I can barely begin to imagine. 

After a bit of intense research, I found that one of the reasons the government calls for such repressive measures and controls is in order to subdue attacks, restrain misinformation and suppress activity deemed to endanger social order. To me, it is an intrusion of free speech. Although, not being one of the 1.3 billion individuals whose liberty is impeded by their government, I can only be saddened by it. 
At the same time, I grew up in America, "Land of the Free" and it would be ignorant of me to make any assumptions or claims about a foreign culture to which I have only had minimal exposure. 

What I can say (freely) is that I am happy to be back- with the ability to waste hours on Facebook, send stupid videos to my friends on YouTube, and ramble on and on about my skewed view of the world via this blog.
Lot's to come!

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