Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gandolfo the Great

In an effort to mix things up a bit, and a desperate attempt to escape the heat for a day- we took a little excursion out to Castel Gandolfo last Saturday. The town is around 30 km from Rome and serves as the summer residence of the Pope. It's a miniature and charming city overlooking picturesque Lake Albano and apparently, has been voted one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

It was a nice day, although I can’t say that the heat was any more bearable than it was when we left the city. Upon arrival- we did what we do best: found the finest restaurant with the best view and ate ourselves into oblivion. Lunch was a four-hour affair, accompanied by marvelous wine in vast quantities. Before heading back to Rome (for dinner, of course), we took a stroll along the winding road down to the lake- while I snapped a few pictures just to stretch the legs on my underused camera. Verification below:

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