Thursday, May 1, 2008

NY Highlights

I came to New York with a list of people to see, things to eat, and places to go. Of course, my list has been twisted and altered until the original plans have become pretty much unrecognizeable.

Nevertheless, below are the highlights thus far;

-Cheese tasting at Murray's
-"Sunday Mass Dance Class" at Equinox. I still can't feel my legs.
-Drinks on the Delancey rooftop
-Brunch at Extra Virgin (although I reluctantly stayed away from the fries with gorgonzola fondue- which is an alltime favorite)
-Rock Band and Red Bull pre-gaming at the apartment
-Le Royale birthday party
-Southhampton shenanigans
-Ago (De Niro's new place) in Tribeca and the Burrata appetizer
-Macrobiotic lunch in midtown at Souen
-Pizza, Pizza, Pizza
-Dinner at PO on Cornelia street
-Being dragged to VIP's with the boys (I dont know if I should have admitted to that)
-Cipriani Downtown
-Pinkberry Green Tea Yogurt with Blackberries
-Continuing my three- year running Backgammon tournament with Pete (currently 30-22 moi!)
-Steam room with Dana
-Brooklyn excursion with good friends, medditerranean food, and a local bar with cheap beer
-Walking (Thoreau-style)
-Central Park strolls
-Food shopping at Gourmet Garage
-Yelling at cab drivers even though it's obvious I'm the one who shouldn't be in the middle of the road
-Late-night martinis and fajitas at a random bar in the West Village
-Spring Lounge
-Lunch at Morandi
-Dinner at Frank's, compliments of Frank's mom, on the Upper East Side
-Bruscetta and Greco Di Tufo at Ino (W. Village) (AND THE TRUFFLE EGG TOAST!)
-Lower East Side bars and their owners with dogs
-Sitting outside Wine Bar for dinner in the East Village (and their truffle pizza)
-The Spotted Pig, their purple martini's (apparently because their olives are purple), and the gnoti with sage butter
-The British bartenders at Diablo Royale
-Corner Bistro and it's overrated (so I hear) burgers
-Joe's pizza on Bleeker (not so much the actual pizza but waiting in line, finally getting in, and having a huge pie placed on your table after a late night out)
-3:00 a.m. Burlesque shows at "The Box"
-Sundays at Felix

And I wonder why I gain 5 lbs everytime I get to the City...
One week to go and many more things to do (and eat).

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Dana said...

how can you possibly forget the truffled egg toast??