Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday Funday

My final, "must do" in New York came at an appropriate time- my final day in New York. This, of course, was yesterday- Sunday- better known as “Sunday Funday.”
In an attempt to prolong the weekend a bit and stave off the impending work/school/what-have-you week, Sunday Fundays became a steadfast tradition during college and have remained one of the few constants in my life. As wonderful and diverse as Sunday Fundays can be- nothing beats a Sunday Funday in New York.

At, Sunday Funday is defined as:

“By celebrating the "Sunday Funday" you can extend your weekend festivities just a little longer before hanging up your party pants. This day typically starts out with mimosas or bloody marys, aka hair of the dog. It then typically continues through out the day until you find yourself wasted by about 6:30ish. Since the "Funday" ends early enough, you can rest assured that you will go to bed aka pass out early enough to be perfectly refreshed for work on Monday morning.”

I think that the Urban Dictionary pretty much hit the nail on the head. Yet for me, Sunday Fundays are not so much based in alcohol consumption as they are a celebration of a great life with wonderful friends in fabulous locales.
And so ensued my last and final NYSF (New York Sunday Funday) for an indefinate period of time...

The morning began by rolling out of bed at around 10:00, armed with massive sunglasses- and performing an interesting version of a stagger/swagger to the nearest coffee shop for a double espresso. The weather, despite reports, was absolutely gorgeous- sunny and warm- but still cool enough to wear a scarf.
It was a perfect New York morning- I miss it already.
Back at home, I jumped in the shower.
Refreshed, I was off to Extra Virgin in the West Village for brunch. A good number of Bloody Marys and some of the best eggs and French toast New York has to offer, NYSF officially began and I was off to convene with more friends and Europe’s finest trash at Felix in SoHo. Of course, on the way to Felix, we weaved in and out of boutiques for some obligatory “NYSF tipsy purchasing,” from which I ended up with a great pair of sunglasses.
Because we had already done "the brunch thing", Sunday’s Felix was a “standing Felix day”- which is okay- but not as good as sitting at Felix, due to the fact that the pitchers of Mimosas tend to get a bit heavy after a while.
Once we had our fill of the football (soccer) game on the television and being mashed like sardines against the drunkest posh people in Manhattan, a group of us walked down the block to Café Noir for another round and then got wind of a great outside garden and good white wine at Barolo, a restaurant down the street. I met a few more friends, and as the bottles kept coming- our group continued to expand until nightfall, at which point I heard that another friend was at Country, a restaurant across the street. We stopped for a quick hello at Country- went into 60 Thompson for a pre-dinner drink (not that we hadn’t had enough at that point) and finally, made it to Cipriani downtown for dinner at 11:00 p.m. Dinner ended at 1:30, which was actually, at this point, Monday Funday. A new record.
I could have continued- I would have liked to- but unfortunately, I had a flight to catch in the morning and therefore, for the first time since I arrived in New York, decided to be responsible- and sacrificed the upstairs party for folding and suitcase stuffing.

And that, my friends, is not only the ideal New York Sunday Funday but the official end of my latest stint in the best city in the world, la manzana grande.

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