Monday, July 21, 2008

I am back from Egypt and to my mother’s astonishment- with all my limbs intact. 

The entire experience was not one of those trips that changes you, but a trip that demonstrates to you how much you have changed. It confirmed a difference I have established in myself between wide-eyed innocence and seasoned traveler…a modification in my character that has taken place over a number of years. 

It isn’t fearlessness, as I once thought it was- but a balance of enough trepidation to keep you safe and enough boldness to ensure freedom- to breathe in everything the world is offering- to learn. It is a matter of not troubling oneself with others’ opinions but making sure they know you respect them…to stop sweating the small stuff and learning from the big stuff.

It’s all about balance in the end- like everything else in life. Only traveling is an art- and the balance is found through enough experience of being imbalanced.

Egypt was incredible…it was the perfect “final hurrah” before the big move to Spain…a goodbye to who I am now, and all the things that formed me. 

Egypt was a celebration of everything to come, united with a commemoration of everything that has been. 
And in the middle of it all- I laughed, I learned, I definitely cried, and I lived.

Thank you to those of you who shared the experience with me…I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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Anonymous said...

Well said!! Keep on travelling and keep the posts coming.