Sunday, July 6, 2008

"perpetually dissatisfied"

Below is a quote from one of my favorite books- High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. I read it a few times back in college, but my best friend is in the middle of it now. She sent me an e-mail this morning with the quote mentioning, "I came across this line that is soooo you." The interesting thing is, I remember that when I read the book, I thought the same exact thing. 
I suppose some things never change.

"Maybe we all live life at too high a pitch, those of us who absorb
emotional things all day, and as a consequence we can never feel
merely content: we have to be unhappy, or ecstatically,
head-over-heels happy, and those states are difficult to achieve
within a stable, solid relationship."

Firstly, this applies to all relationships- lovers, friends, even relationships with inanimate objects. Relationships with myself. Secondly, I wouldn't wish this condition on my worst enemy. It's actually quite the curse.

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