Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ever since I was little, my life has been filled with lists. I suppose this is of my mother’s doing. My mother, as wonderful as she is, a fanatical list-maker, list-hoarder, and devout believer in lists.

Firstly, the ubiquitous “To Do” lists. They were everywhere…folded up and shoved conspicuously in my brown paper lunch bag, post its covering the fridge, stacks of paper by the phone.

These lists- the banes of my existence, or so it seemed- were constant reminders of people to call, objects to buy, affairs to attend, and various other obligations that usually diverged greatly from what I wanted to be doing- and wherever that may have been.

These lists have remained- even two decades later- as knots in my stomach…they bring with them a degree of anxiety and unease. I say this in general terms. 
Growing up, as soon as one thing was crossed off my list- another miraculously appeared. (thanks mom). Admittedly, I don’t think I was ever capable of fully completing a to-do list. I can’t remember ever taking one of those frightful little pieces of paper, drawing lines through every item, and throwing it into the trash- where, in my opinion, it should have been from the beginning.

I deviated from lists when I moved away from home at 18. Lists were nothing more than a burden to me. I had things to do, yes…but lists only created extra stress…not only did I have to do the things I had to do, but I had to deal with the list, I had to adhere to the list, I had to follow the list.

I’d like to believe that I’ve been successful in terms of living my life until this point without regressing to the structured list-driven-environment I was raised in. I may not be the most organized person in the world, but I have always gotten everything done that needed to be done- and ultimately, that’s what lists are there for. Yet, I coped just fine without them. 
I got here didn’t I?

I managed without them until now, that is. The stringent schedule, the stress, the LISTS, the structure- of business school- are all synonymous with growing up with my mother and her agenda…she would love this place.

So here they are once more. Lists. Yet again they have appeared in my life- and taken a drivers seat in everything I do. Group lists, contact lists, course lists, class lists, company lists, lists lists lists. And more lists.

So in keeping form- because in lists- "we" like consistency, below are a few lists…the lists that happen to define my existence right now.

Term 1 course list:
-Introduction to General Management and Strategy
-Applied Quantitative Models
-Financial Analysis
-Geopolitics, Society and Culture
-Managerial Accounting
-Marketing I
-Organizational Behavior
-Languages (Español)

Things I should see in Barcelona, and haven’t yet visited list:
-Visit (as in- actually enter) Gaudi’s La Pedrera and Casa Battlô. 
-Picasso exhibition
-Caixa Forum
-Montjuic (and its magical fountain)
-Barca Football game!
-Mont Serrat
-El Bulli
-MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art)
-Palau de la Música

Clubs to consider joining list:
-Real Estate
-Women in Business
-Emerging Markets
-Diversity in Business
-Clean Energy
-Wine Club

Companies on Campus for Fall MBA Career Week list:
Infosys Technologies
Roland Berger
Arthur D. Little
A.T. Kearney
Oliver Wyman
Grupo Santander
Delta Partners
Grupo Celsa
Morgan Stanley

As for my “To Do” list, I’m not even going to start (and the list itself is never going to end…as far as I can tell).
So that’s that. For now. Tomorrow, surely there will be more.

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Major said...

El Bulli? Don't push ur luck...blonde ambition has a limit! UNLESS I go there with u!

All the companies listed makes me want to throw up...why do you want to be a corporate slave in this new era? U'll be more stressed, less happy, feel like shit.... oh yeah...Mo'ney... fuck it... U want that life?!

Only trying the reason you!