Friday, June 19, 2009


Summer is officially here and I’m not exactly where I thought I would be (in more ways than one...) But let's talk location:

I’m in Barcelona- carting myself to and from school, doing my best to irritate anyone I can find- requesting the various letters and documentation that I can't seem to get right on the first, second or third tries. And then rushing between the lawyers and the local authorities- in attempt to renew my residency card (NIE) and the one thing I have found is that none of the aforementioned bodies can seem to communicate on an adequately explicit level and therefore, a process that should take a few days has taken over a week. 

I HEART  Spain.

Good news though; the paperwork part should be done and I’ll find out first thing Monday morning if it worked- or if I have to start all over again.

In a few minutes, I have to register for the second time for next year’s elective courses due to the fact that there was a “technical glitch” that wiped out all the previous registration efforts. This little mishap has caused me to yet again question the classes I have chosen. As my friend mentioned, "I'm trying not to think about it but I'm not sure if I can trust the younger version of me." 

There are so many directions to go in- I could take all the things that come naturally to me and have a chilled out year with uncomplicated pressures. OR I could take all finance and econ and challenge myself by entering the 9th circle of hell. I could register for a bunch of management and strategy courses that I could then apply to almost any career I end up in, or I could mix it up a bit and keep it interesting. I have opted for the latter two options.

As long as I will never have to do Quantitative Models again- it should be smooth sailing.

Thus far, assuming all goes well and there are no more “technical issues,” I will be taking;

Strategic Business Simulation

Family Business Management


Corporate Citizenship

The Transnational Manager

Management of Cultural and Creative Industries


Corporate Level Strategy

Leadership Power and Influence


Sounds good, huh?

Additionally, I will be joining about 40 students on the one week China study trip in September in Beijing. I can't wait. More on that later…

In the meantime, I have to pray that the Catalan officials accept my residency for another year and then I can get a move on to the China Visa (seems I have sent a large part of my life applying for Visa’s). Once that is locked down- I’ll begin planning around Beijing. I’m thinking Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tibet (if there isn’t too much unrest) and possibly a beach in Thailand.

Speaking of beaches, between the bureaucratic b.s.- I’ve officially traded escuela por la playa and have spent a good few days picking the sand out of my wedgie with my classmates who are still around Barcelona. Between beers, paddle ball and rotating our bodies like meat on skewers- I’m actually getting to know my friends again- since I haven’t had the chance to talk to any of them since pre-term.

Once the official stuff is done and I get my passport back, I’ll be heading to Italy to get started on a few projects- and of course, to eat, drink and forget even more Spanish.

Here’s the official verano 2009 playlist:       

1.     Jason Mraz- I’m Yours

2.     Buena Vista Social Club- Clocks (Coldplay, Rhythms del Mondo)

3.     Oasis- Waiting for the Rapture

4.     Adam Lambert- Mad World

5.     Plain White T’s- 1,2,3,4

6.     Sum 41- Pieces

7.     Melendi- Caminando Por La Vida

8.     Alexander Rybak- Fairytale

9.     Jack Johnson- It Seems to Me that Maybe

10. Empire of the Sun- Walking on a Dream

11. Linkin Park- Shadow of the Day

12. Macaco- Moving

13. Parov Stelar- Kiss me Twice

14. S-Tone Inc- Con Mi Sombra

15. Thievery Corporation- El Pueblo Unido

16. Manuchau- Megusta

17. Brett Dennen- The One Who Loves You the Most

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