Monday, February 1, 2010

Compleaños Feliz

Today I turn 29. Only one more year and then I’ll have reached my 30’s- something I truly believed would never happen. However, this is a topic that I don't even want to think about for another 364 days.

On the other hand, my blog turns two today. I would just like to quickly mention (before I go out and celebrate the depressing yet inevitable passage of time) that I would have never expected the amount of pleasure writing this blog would bring me, or the level of recognition it would receive with regards to my peers. I can only say that I am honored every single time I receive an e-mail from an old friend or a new acquaintance or someone who has never met me- letting me know that my words mean something to them.

An additional distressing fact is that I have two more months and I will no longer be an “MBA blog writer.” Nonetheless- I will unquestionably continue to religiously write my blog- hopefully with even more frequency. I can only hope that whatever it is I am doing- wherever I am doing it- will be as interesting to read about as the past two years have been.

So thank you to everyone who reads what I have to say- because without you, each time I write would simply be a means of procrastination and nothing more. And tonight at dinner, in lieu of toasting to the last year in my 20’s- I will be toasting to my blog and all the individuals who have found some kind of solace or entertainment or comfort in my posts…as disjointed and overemotional as they may sometimes be.

So…Thank You from the bottom of my heart.



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