Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Favorite Things

I woke up a bit unhappy today. This always happens when I open my eyes in the morning, blink at my watch until it comes into view, and decide that I can afford to sleep for another half hour or so. At this point, I descend into a light snooze and engage in what I term “feasible dreams”- as opposed to implausible flying dreams or far-fetched metamorphosis dreams. Feasible dreams are the kind of dream that when you wake up, it takes a moment to decipher whether “it” really happened or not.

If this feasible dream of mine is bad- I wake up in a good mood with the knowledge that my reality is better than whatever it is I just experienced. Alternatively, if the dream is good- I wake up disappointed that it didn’t really happen. I hate disappointment.

Today was one of those days.

Therefore, due to my oxy-moronically disappointing good dream, I deferred to my list of 100 things (in no particular order) that make me happy and promised myself to indulge in at least three of them today. Before I do that though, I have decided that a "favorite things" list can be pretty indicative of someone’s personality and therefore, will post it on my blog. goes...a list of my 100 Favorite Things;

1. Writing
2. Art (in all forms)
3. Seeing the world
4. Learning
5. Immodesty
6. Old Buildings
7. New Shoes
8. Bloody Marys
9. Airports
10. Memories
11. Truffle Oil
12. Juke Boxes
13. Attention
14. Adrenaline
15. Exploring
16. Dressing up
17. Boating
18. Down Comforters
19. Solitude
20. Hookahs
21. Large Bodies of Water
22. Dawn
23. Extra Dirty Vodka Martinis
24. Green
25. Sand Dunes in the Sahara
26. Love
27. Skinny Mirrors
28. Camping (and pitching tents, which I am surprisingly good at)
29. Surprises
30. Success
31. Profundity
32. Tofurky Jerky
33. My I-Pod
34. Italy
35. Cooking
36. Prosecco
37. Rainbow Sprinkles (jimmies, to Dane)
38. Sunsets
39. Singing (although not well)
40. Leather Bound Journals
41. Sequins and Glitter
42. Kissing
43. Museums
44. Receiving e-mails from my sister
45. Wisdom
46. Margharita Pizza (all types other than Boboli)
47. Backgammon
48. Animals (big, small, wild, domesticated, dismembered, fuzzy, hairless, etc...)
49. Steam Rooms
50. Train Rides
51. Music
52. Broughie
53. Bookstores
54. Scuba Diving
55. Green Gummi Bears
56. Laughing
57. New York
58. Beauty
59. February 1st
60. Girls with Boy Names
61. Snowflakes
62. Spontaneity
63. Dreaming
64. Candor
65. Scotch
66. Adventures
67. British Footballers (soccer players)
68. When someone is waiting for me in the terminal at an airport
69. Stinky Cheese
70. Summer Camp
71. Extreme Sports
72. My Laotong
73. The Word “Doodie”
74. Diamonds
75. Christmas Lights
76. Irish Accents
77. Coffee and Cigarettes
78. Infinity
79. Pedicures
80. Toasted Everything Bagels With Chive Cream Cheese and Tomato
81. Chandeliers
82. My Mom
83. Grocery Shopping
84. Hotel Turn-Down Service
85. Chocolate Anything (bars, milkshakes, cake, ice cream, brownies, etc...)
86. Gardeners Market Spinach Dip
87. Long Drives with Good Mixes
88. Red bull
89. The smell of candles once they have been blown out
90. Greek Restaurants
91. Dancing
92. Anticipation
93. Shooting Stars
94. Lip gloss
95. Finding money in my pockets that I didn’t know was there
96. FedEx Packages on my doorstep
97. Skiing
98. Compliments
99. The Beach at Night
100. Living

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