Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why Blog?

Why Blog?
Well, in lieu of waxing philosophical, I’m going to say it like it is.

Most importantly; why write?

I write because it is my greatest passion in life. It’s what I’ve always done and it has become somewhat a part of my identity (to those who know me well). Writing is my comfort, my therapy and on a certain level, my sanity. I’ve written in many capacities but mostly- I write for me. I have done so since I started a journal at the age of 12 and I haven’t stopped since. Writing has gotten me into trouble (i.e. leaving dirty diary entries with detailed accounts of my escapades on top of my father’s fridge, mistakenly sending documents in emails to inappropriate recipients, or feeling so strongly about the words that I strung together that I refused to butcher them for an employer) –all of which were my fault.

Nevertheless, I continue to write. I write for posterity. I write for pleasure, I write in pain, I write. I will always write.

Now; why blog?
Blogging seems to be the natural progression for “writers” in today’s web-based world. I suppose I’m even a little late in picking up on the trend, but I had my reservations (still do). At this point, I’ve decided I have nothing to lose. This is, of course, if I can contain my candor and fairly odd desire to reveal a little too much to anyone who will listen.

When I told a few friends about my plan to start a blog, most asked me what it was about. They expected answers along the lines of current business ideas, my impending MBA, the book I am working on with a wonderful French writer, life as an expat, and so on... I could not give anyone the answer they expected. I figure, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it “right.” There is no sense in going only half the distance. Therefore, my blog is going to be about all of the above- everything significant in my life- my thoughts, my fears, my daily occurrences; the experience of being me- where I am and who I am- no more, no less.

Mostly, I blog because I hope that someone, somewhere will gain a little from what I put out there. Take what you will- whether it be warmth, reassurance, encouragement, illumination, or even a bit of laughter- Maybe you’ll find comfort in the fact that there is another individual, similar to you, wandering the earth. Or maybe, you will find comfort in the fact that there is someone out there just a little more f*cked up than you are. Possibly, someone will come across my blog one day and find a bit of inspiration. I can only hope that something I’ve done- somewhere I’ve been- will rouse a sense of courage in another person and motivate them to dare to dream, as I have.

And for me? Well, no human endeavour is ever intrinsically good, is it? Maybe I just want someone to listen to me. I anticipate that after compiling and chronicling a few of my ramblings, I will be able to shed some light on how I got to where I am. Perhaps I will be able to watch myself grow. And just maybe- someone will reply to a post of mine and their comment will make me smile. That’s all I really ask for.

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