Friday, February 29, 2008

Welsh Daffodils

In response to my “San Valentino” post and the fact that I abhor receiving flowers, my friend Helen brought me a gift- she bought me flowers. Thank you Helen.
They are bright yellow Welsh daffodils. Helen is Welsh.
The daffodil is actually an emblem of Wales, along with the leek. I suppose I prefer receiving a bunch of flowers to a bouquet of leeks. Although, I could have then made soup out of the leeks and posted the recipe. Instead, I’m posting this.

My day was brightened by the unexpected gift of flowers. And subsequently, they are currently brightening the apartment. Maybe flowers aren’t so bad after all.
Welsh daffodils were Helen’s grandfather’s favorite flowers- and I’m so pleased that she shared them and their significance with me. I think they may be my favorite flowers as well.
Enjoy the pictures (and don’t mind the pint glass in place of a vase!) You know how we do…
But seriously, thank you Helen.

In other news, I tried to get into the gym using my blockbuster card and then attempted to pay for coffee with my driver’s license…just one of those days. I’ve booked my flight to Miami so I’ll be in the states (and out of the cold) by the 25th! Oh and, one of my best friends got kicked out of Jenny Craig for going below her healthy weight. Am I the only one who thinks that’s hysterically funny?

I’ll be more prolific tomorrow.
Night all.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like I am sharing your days!
So much fun!