Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keeping Record

I've always maintained (in my more philospohical moods) that the best times of my life have no documentation.
It's not that the periods of time I've documented are so bad- it's just that the ones I miss are that much better.

The moments in which we are laughing the hardest are always the moments when we eventually forget what we were laughing about.

And I always find myself witnessing stunning events, or standing on the edges of endless auburn mountain ranges at sunrise- without a charged battery in my camera. Or worse, without a camera at all.

It follows that when I am falling in love, I don't write in my journal. I never have. I'm too busy falling in love- too busy "being."

There is a small part of me that regrets this...for fear of forgetting how happy I was, or how happy I can be.

But the other part, the larger part, is thankful for these lapses in record-keeping. Because how can a four by six piece of paper- an image created with a flash of light- embody happiness? True beauty?
It can't.

And how can words ever do love justice? True love. Love that has no words- no boundaries- no definitions. Why even bother trying?

It is with these sentiments in mind- that I am begging pardon for my recent lack of writing with the enthusiasm and regularity of previous months. It seems as though I'm a little too busy living at the moment to write about living.

But I'll do better.

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Anonymous said...

As always, wonderful thoughts, beautifully written