Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The East Coast

I’m leaving Miami for New York this afternoon. FINALLY. (Who knew that to get things done at the consulate, all I had to do was speak Spanish??)

Although, It’s a bittersweet departure. Somehow, this time around, I’ve gained a newfound appreciation for my hometown- possibly, seeing it through further removed eyes.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be going to NY for a while and simultaneously, looking forward to my return to Miami come May.

My recent top 10 favorite things about Miami:
1. Peacocks in my front yard
2. The Beach (the sandy one, not South Beach, although that’s not too bad either…)
3. My mom (and shopping with her…)
4. My closet (I’ve been somewhat of a nomad for the past few years)
5. Fresh Market and cooking in a fully equipped kitchen
6. The pool at the Delano
7. Le Bouchon Du Grove
8. Boating
9. Lincoln Road
10. The weather

Top ten things I’m looking forward to in NY this time around;
1. Sunday Brunch in the West Village
2. Cooking for Dana
3. The Hamptons (South and East)
4. Pinkberry
5. The Gruyère omelet from Pastis with a side of pommes frites
6. Lisa Bass (Goldman)
7. Central Park, if it’s warm enough
8. Soho shopping
9. Movies at the Angelika
10. Night time

1 comment:

Dana said...

mexican casserole and rosemary pasta!! oh, and both green and regular lasagna...and how can I forget the best eggplant parm ever?!