Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

My best friend, Brianna, is now a married woman. The wedding was fantastic: It was beautiful. It was fun. It was incredibly emotional. I cried watching my best friend walk down the isle, I cried when they signed the Ketubah, and I cried when she danced with her father. Luckily, I didn’t cry as I was giving my speech as I feared I would- one glass of wine less, and I definitely would have been bawling.
I’m still recovering from the three-day celebration and it’s just sinking in that yet another one of my “partners in crime” now has another (more permanent type-of) partner. Below is my bridesmaid speech- it says it all. It says goodbye.

“I’ve known and loved Brianna since we were two years old. I’m actually connected with the Bernstein’s as well, as Brian’s mom was one of my first and favorite pre-school teachers. Little did I know, that 25 years later, Lynne’s son would be marrying my best friend. I cannot remember any phase of my life without Bree in it. She has been a fixture - a constant- and a rock. We saw each other through many “firsts,” and have continued to explore and discover together regardless of where we are in our lives or in the world…

Brianna was always the “cool kid.” It’s one of those universally inherent things- she was just born cool. She knew all the words to the Indigo Girls before I ever even owned a CD player- and when boys still had koodies in my mind, Bree was on to her second boyfriend. Needless to say, I wanted to be around Brianna from the beginning. Brianna and I were 14 years old when we went to camp in West Virginia together. One day, Brianna pulled me aside and told me that I could be her “CBFF”- camp best friend forever…I didn’t yet qualify as a best friend back in Miami.
We got past that though.

I basically lived at Bree’s house while I was growing up. Not only were Karen and Larry the warmest and most loving family, but they never failed to leave out a massive bowl of m&m’s in the living room. I probably still owe them a fair share for the grocery bills. Still, The Michaels’ house was always like a second home to me- a haven…where some nights Brianna and I would sit up talking until the sun came out. As most of you know first-hand, Brianna possesses numerous remarkable qualities. She is a loyal and enduring friend to those she cares about. She is creative, beautiful, and has the ability to bring warmth to any situation. Brianna has a heart of gold and is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. It is these characteristics, plus so many more, that has not only made Brianna an extraordinary friend and ally to me, but will no doubt make her an amazing addition to the Bernstein family.

Who would have thought that one of the Bernstein boys- Brian, this handsome and intelligent man- and the son of one of your mom’s best friends- would one day be your husband? Although it is clear to anyone who knows you as a couple that you and Brianna bring out the best in each other. Brianna, there is no one like you in the world- you’re unique, your company is priceless and you’re irreplaceable. Hell, I would have married you if I could.

I feel blessed to have grown up so close to you. Through the years, we have shared in each others lives…good and bad- sane and insane- in innocence and maturity…and to be here now celebrating another significant moment in her life- I couldn’t be happier.

Tonight, on the eve of your wedding- I am reminded of another “first” and “last” for us. We were 18 years old and it was the night before we separately left for college- you to Syracuse and me to GW; we sat in the front seats of your Jeep for hours and listened to Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say goodbye” over and over and over- with tears streaming down our faces. I remember that we promised each other that we would always remain friends. That night, I feared that I was losing you- a huge part of me-
But we kept that promise.

Tomorrow you will be getting married and you will have someone else to sit up until dawn talking with, and trying new things, and exploring with, and sharing your life with- so again, I feel like it’s “time to say goodbye” although- there is no one in the world that I would rather lose you to than Brian.
The two of you were made for each other and there is no doubt in my mind that your marriage will be full of joy and laughter and love. So…Here’s to you two, Brianna and Brian- wishing you all the happiness in the world. I love you.”

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