Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've spent the last two days hanging curtains, rearranging furniture, and drilling holes in walls.
I promised my best friend, Dana that once I arrived in NY- I would decorate her new apartment for her. Dana recently moved from Nolita (North of Little Italy) to the West Village and as if the move weren't traumatizing enough- she is the worst decorator in the world.
So here I am. Decorating again.
And I'm seriously enjoying it.
One of the best parts about moving homes so often is the constant opportunity to redecorate. Past color combination mistakes, and excessive holes pocking the walls as signifiers of miscalculations can all be eradicated.
Redecorating is therapeutic.
To me, it's a way to fuse the past and the future:
I can hang the photos of my past- to remind me of my most cherished memories. And all the new colors and pieces? Well, they are the objects that will accompany me into my new life....the very things that I will remember when I'm looking back at all the places I've occupied.

So today, I'm decorating Dana's future- with reminders of HER past thrown in here and there. And of course, she'll have the pleasure of looking at a number of photos with me just so my presence is known when I'm gone and in another home, in a new country, decorating my own future.

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