Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ESADE, Estoy Aqui.

Day two. It’s 8:00 am and I’m on the bus to Cardona for two days- a “LEAD” seminar; a team-building expedition, leadership fostering and “get to know you” experience for the 118 students in my MBA class, representing at least 33 countries. 

“Orientation Week” has begun…yesterday was exhausting- and invigorating. 

We were repeatedly told to “Have a plan. Be prepared. Know what you want otherwise the opportunities here will pass you by.”


Isn’t that WHY I am here? To figure it all out?

I’m a little overwhelmed- a lot overwhelmed- but nothing I can’t handle. We stood up and introduced ourselves yesterday. 
“I’m Morgan. BA in Literature.” Well, THAT didn’t sound right. 
The words came spilling out of my mouth and into a room filled with smart, qualified, worldly, engaging, extraordinary people. No other Lit majors, needless to say. 10 hours of introductions, of lectures, advice, information- of “who are you?”s, “what do you do?”s, “what do you want to do?”s, “why are you here?”s, and the like.

The decisions have already begun; do we tell the truth? Do we admit that we are only now figuring out who we are? What we want? 
Do we admit that only a tiny piece of the puzzle is in place?

When I grow up….
IF I grow up.
And then there are the select few around me who have grown up. Completely. Who know exactly what they want and are here to do nothing but achieve that.

Yesterday was long. My head was spinning and the names and faces of the classmates I met were running through my mind at a marathon pace. Yesterday was a marathon. Today is a marathon, tomorrow, next week, next month, the next year and a half. It will all be a marathon.

And then they told us; “You are now ESADE students. You are part of one of the best business schools in the world. Each of you helps to comprise a multi-national, multi-cultural class of remarkable students. Get ready. Work hard. Welcome.” (or something like that…)
Either way…ESADE, estoy aqui...

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Major said...

"Who know exactly what they want and are here to do nothing but achieve that"... and go apeshit at 45 realizing they achieve themselves only at work...while being complete personal failures...

Life's a journey, not a destination. Fuck.