Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A good friend of mine recently moved to Texas for his job...poor lad.
After asking him how he likes it, this is the response I got;

"The coffee is terrible. The food is terrible. The radio stations play 5 songs. The TV plays weight loss ads, and only weight loss ads. 
I can't handle the accents - so many beautiful girls who dress like shit and sound like chickens... the bugs here are the size of animals. The clubs only seem to play Now! 30 seconds remixes. The people drive with all the aggression of a hippie squad, in the order of confetti. I can't fill a tank of f*cking gas without some a**hole asking me for spare change for a lottery ticket."

It was just too funny not to share!

Oh, how happy I am to be moving to a sophisticated European city and not a massive State in the middle of America whose claims to fame are the Bush family and cattle! 

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